The Deportation Plane: Charter Flights and Carceral Geographies

Mardi 14 mars 2023, 12h30 à 14h

Événement exclusivement en personne | Salle R-3680, Pavillon des sciences de la gestion, UQAM | En anglais | Il suffit de vous inscrire en remplissant le formulaire au bas de cette page pour réserver votre place.

This paper calls for scholars to take air deportation more seriously. By air deportation I mean the multiple ways in which the expulsion practices of states utilize and interact with aviation systems. Scholarship on deportation has overwhelmingly been rather sedantary in its outlook. Surprisingly little work has examined the practices and systems of mobility by which deportations are actually effected. Hence, I propose two moves to mobilize the way we apprehend deportation. The empirical move is to zoom in on one particular practice of air deportation: the phenomenon of charter flights. These are special operations on which there are no regular passengers, just the deportees and a phalanx of guards, immigration officials, medical personnel, translators and other authorities. The conceptual move is to bring this case into a conversation with the recent literature on carceral geographies. I seek to deepen the latter by exploring how aviation offers certain affordances as well as encumbrances to practices of deportation.

Une conférence de
William Walters, Université Carleton (Ottawa)

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