Transnational Marriage and Partner Migration. Constellations of Security, Citizenship, and Rights


This multidisciplinary collection investigates the ways in which marriage and partner migration processes have become the object of state scrutiny, and the site of sustained political interventions in several states around the world. Covering cases as varied as the United States, Canada, Japan, Iran, France, Belgium or the Netherlands, among others, contributors reveal how marriage and partner migration have become battlegrounds for political participation, control, and exclusion. Which forms of attachments (towards the family, the nation, or specific individuals) have become framed as risks to be managed? How do such preoccupations translate into policies? With what consequences for those affected by them, in terms of rights and access to citizenship? The book answers these questions by analyzing the interplay between issues of security, citizenship and rights from the perspectives of migrants and policymakers, but also from actors who negotiate encounters with the state, such as lawyers, non-governmental organizations, and translators.

Plusieurs autres auteurs et autrices ont contribué à cet ouvrage : Betty de Hart, Saskia Bonjour, Massilia Ourabah, Ji-Yeon Yuh, Helena Wray, Grace Tran, Kerry Abrams, Daniel Pham, Manuela Salcedo, Laura Odasso, Mieke Vandenbroucke, Pardis Mahdavi, Rhacel Salazar Parrenas, Eithne Luibhéid, Audrey Macklin.

Lancement Montréalais: 23 mars 2022, 12h30 à 14h00


D’Aoust, Anne-Marie (dir.). (2022). Transnational Marriage and Partner Migration. Constellations of Security, Citizenship, and Rights. New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 306 p.

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