The New Politics of Immigration and Beyond


This Special Issue presents articles that empirically and theoretically explores the central arguments of Catherine Dauvergne’s 2016 book The New Politics and the End of Settler Societies. This multidisciplinary issue comprises five research articles and a closing commentary from Catherine Dauvergne, exploring migration-related events that have taken place since 2015. As a whole, these articles demonstrate the relevance of The New Politics and the End of Settler Societies to future comparative studies of immigration politics and policies. Contributions to this Special Issue also confirm policy trends and convergence, as argued by Dauvergne. More broadly, the selected articles illustrate the analytical and political challenges associated with imagining research and policies outside of the paradigm of settler societies.

Paquet, Mireille (2020). « The New Politics of Immigration and Beyond », numéro spécial de la revue International Migration, vol. 58, no. 6.

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