Immigration, Bureaucracies and Policy Formulation : The Case of Quebec


Based on an ethnography of one illuminating case – the formulation of new immigration policy statement entitled “Together, we are Quebec” between 2014 and 2016 – this article argues that policy formulation is an important site of power and influence over immigration‐related policies for bureaucrats. In dialogue with concepts and theories from public administration, it demonstrates that a broad mandate of reform and modernization, coupled with political tensions surrounding diversity, created opportunities for the bureaucracy to influence Quebec’s immigration policy following its interests, relations, expertise and experience. In this case, the bureaucracy’s influence operated through two pathways: problem definition and consensus building. While this influence is partially contingent on political and institutional characteristics of the Quebec context, this case shows that scholarship on immigration policy and politics should embrace a much broader reading of the influence of bureaucrats on the content and development of immigration‐related policies.

Paquet, M. (2019). « Immigration, Bureaucracies and Policy Formulation : The Case of Quebec », International Migration, DOI: //

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