Energy and Citizenship in Québec

Savard, Stéphane

With Martin Pâquet


In our contemporary world, energy remains a major topic of interest, not only for economic and technological purposes, but also as a crucial political issue. Before and after the Quiet Revolution and electricity nationalization, Quebec society has been the forum of many struggles relating to this issue.

The main goal of this edition of Globe is to promote further research on energy seen as a source of conflicts and representations. This subject is explored from the perspective of various disciplines: history, sociology, regional development and economics. Thus, the importance of energy issues in Quebec during the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st is the overall theme of this edition, while interdisciplinary dialogue highlights the political and social aspects of this question.

The five scholarly articles presented deal with the macro and micro levels of Quebec citizens’ empowerment, with the mechanisms for the study and management of energy issues, with electricity rates and profits and, finally, with the relationship between the self and significant others.

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