Basque Nationalism and the Spanish State

André Lecours


Basque Nationalism and the Spanish State is a scholarly study of Basque nationalism specifically in the context of the historical rise and evolution of the Spanish nation-state. Andre Lecours (associate professor of political science, Concordia University) examines how Basque nationalism has been greatly influenced by the different forms of the state, from its confederal, centralist, and authoritarian historical phases to its democratic phases. Of especial interest is the up-to-date scrutiny of the movement in the wake of recent events such as ETA’s announcement in 2006 of a permanent cease-fire. « A fourth process of globalization is peculiar to Europe: political integration. The European Union influences nationalist movements in different ways. From a discursive perspective, the EU can be presented as being either antithetical to, or coherent with, substate nationalism. » A welcome contribution to Spanish history and political science reference shelves, especially in college libraries.

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