Première rencontre entre le Groupe de recherche sur les sociétés plurinationales et le Grupo de Investigación sobre el Derecho y la Justicia (GIDYJ)

Identity, Pluralism and Democracy

Première rencontre entre le Groupe de Recherche sur les Sociétés Plurinationales (GRSP) & le Grupo de Investigación sobre el Derecho y la Justicia (GIDYJ)

Co-directeurs: Alain-G. Gagnon: art4] & José María Sauca: art308]

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Getafe-Madrid)

10-12 mai 2010.

Conférenciers :

José Woehrling: art23]: Federalism and the Protection of Rights and Freedoms.

Xavier Arbós Marín:

Definition and Protection of Rights from below: Spanish new Statutes of Autonomy.

Ascensión Elvira Perales

: Rights beyond the State: European Union and European Court of Human Rights.

François Rocher

: The Federal Ideal: Empirical and Normative Explorations

Ramón Máiz Suárez

: The Idea of Nation and Theory of Federalism.

Jesús Prieto de Pedro

: Cultural Pluralism and Complex States.

Alain-G. Gagnon: art4]

: National Autonomy, Regional Autonomy and Governance.

Joxerramon Bengoetxea Caballero

: Multiculturalism and Legal Pluralism: European Perspectives.

José María Sauca Cano

: Multination and Subnational Entities: Theoretical Basis of Canada-Quebec Dialectics.

Guy Laforest: art5]

: Québec’s Political Freedom within the Canadian State: the Tully-Seymour Debate.

Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez

: Some reflections on the nature of self-determination from a human rights perspective.

Luis Rodríguez Abascal

: Tensions between Internal and External Self-determination.

Dimitrios Karmis

Identity and Political Listening in Multinational Federations.

Andrés de Francisco Díaz

: Logics of Citizenship: Identity, Rights and Values.

Rainer Nickel

: Legal Limits of Identity Politics and Group Representation in diverse Societies.

Jocelyn Maclure: art61]:

Political Secularism and Freedom of Religion in diverse Societies.

Francisco Colom González

: Secular Laws and Customary Rules: the Debate on Legal Pluralism and Religious Arbitration.

Carlos Thiebaut Louis-André

: Secularizing traditional Catholicism. Laicism and Laïcité.

Geneviève Nootens: art1]

: Plural Societies and Cosmopolitanism.

José María Rosales Jaime

: Democratization, Human Rights and the Rhetoric of Cosmopolitanism.

María José Fariñas Dulce:

Democracy at a Time of Growing Diversity.

Alicia Cebada:

Democratic State building in complex scenarios: Afghanistan case.

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